Languages create bridges, not barriers


DEF-trans-Reisser stands for individual support for your international business presence in German, English and French.


Your strongest marketing argument is your enthusiasm for your company!

And that's exactly what we convey together in other languages.

TOGETHER we bring your company to the international business market!




You have succeeded in impressing your customers and business partners in German-speaking countries with your company!

What is keeping you from making yourself known abroad now?

I meet you in a personal conversation so that I can get to know and understand your passion for your company.
This way I can put myself in your position and pass on your enthusiasm.

I translate your advertising texts, websites, brochures, magazines, books, etc., so that you can also convince German- and French-speaking countries with your products and services.

Language lessons

Languages are not your world?

That doesn't matter at all!

Learning grammar rules by rote is just as useful as knowing mathematical formulae but neither knowing what they are good for nor how to apply them.

Languages also follow recurring patterns and rules. Even when the exception is the rule. If you UNDERSTAND and RECOGNISE these patterns and rules, the seven seals of language are broken and you are able to use them.

Therefore, in a free initial consultation we clarify where your problems might exist, where your travelling should go for you and your company and then I create a focused programme for you and / or your team, so that you can also represent yourself and your company without fear and effort.




Every copywriter or author is a specialist in what he/she does and is focused on the content of his/her work. Once the work is completed, it is of course proofread again.
However, it is easy to overlook typos and other minor details if you already know the text or if you do not notice that you have fallen into your own specialist language. This, of course, makes it more difficult for the non-professional audience to understand the text, and you may also lose valuable sales as a result.

And that's where I come in.
With the concentrated reading of a text that is still unknown to me, I see little details that remain hidden to the connoisseur of the text.